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How it works?

The app is designed in a very simple way to enable you to exchange your product in few clicks.

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Login using facebook. It's as simple as clicking a button


Upload the item you want to exchange in the relevant category.Upload photos and invoice to improve rating and visibility.A few more details and that's it.


Browse against the product uploaded.See products uploaded near your location.Pick the ones you like. Reject the ones you don't like.


If the like is mutual, you get an option to chat. Select a convinient place to exchange your goods and voila you get a new product without spending a penny.


Great features you'll love.

What makes the app special is host of user friendly features specially built for its target audience.

Light mobile app

The mobile has been architectured in a such a way that even phones on a low ram can run it without hanging or crashing.All you need is a internet connection.

Verified listing

All the products uploaded by the users are first verified and checked for maximum accuracy and minimum spam.But still if our team misses anything you can report a item for review.

Prime exchange

We will be launching this feature soon that enables users guranteed exchange, Swapd premium listing access,Free delivery,flexibility to choose location perimter and much more on a small monthly subscription.

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